Topology Optimization Featured in ASME Highlights

The research article entitled, “Topology Optimization of Fixed-Geometry Fluid Diodes”, co-authored by Sen Lin, Longyu Zhao (both graduate students), Drs. Jamie Guest, Timothy P. Weihs and Zhenyu  Liu, was featured in ASME, Journal of Mechanical Design.

Topology Optimization Figure


This article discussed the utilization of topology optimization technique in designing fixed-geometry fluid diodes. Although compelling research has been conducted in topology optimization of fluids for minimizing dissipation, maximizing dissipation introduces some challenges. One such solution presented in this article is fabricated by 3D printing and experimentally tested to demonstrate the diode-like behavior. Figure to the left is from J. Mech. Des 137(8), 081402 (Aug 01, 2015) (8 pages)

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