A crystal plasticity FE model for deformation with twin nucleation in magnesium alloys

Jiahao Cheng and Somnath Ghosh. International Journal of Plasticity, Vol. 67, pages 148-170 (2015). 


Abstract from International Journal of Plasticity:

In this paper a physically-motivated non-local crystal plasticity finite element (CPFE) model is developed for dislocation-mediated heterogeneous deformation of single and polycrystalline Mg alloys leading to micro-twin nucleation. The CPFE model uses image-based virtual polycrystalline microstructures for its simulations and is able to effectively represent stress and deformation patterns in the intra- and inter-granular regions. A micro-twin nucleation criteria is proposed from energy-partitioning following the dislocation dissociation process.

The CPFE simulations of polycrystalline microstructures show satisfactory agreement with experimental observations. CPFEM studies on large grain aggregates using this criteria, reveal the critical role of crystallographic orientation and grain boundaries on microtwin formation.