Civil Engineering Faculty Celebration

Faculty and staff members at the Civil Engineering luncheon hosted by Dr. Dalrymple. From left to right, Sauleh Siddiqui, Stavros Gaitanaros, Mike Shields, Ben Schafer, Shamija Jackson, Lori Graham-Brady, Debbie Lantry, Tony Dalrymple, Jessica Ader, Tak Igusa, Khairul Bariah Abd Majid, Latanya Waith and Rachel Sangree.


A luncheon celebrating the valued contributions by Dr. Ben Schafer, the former Chairman of the Civil Engineeering department, was hosted by Dr. Tony Dalrymple at his home, on September 25th, 2015. Most of the faculty members were able to join in except for Drs. Jamie Guest and Judy Mitrani-Reiser who had prior engagements.


Somnath Ghosh, Tak Igusa, Candice, Rachel Sangree, Tony Dalrymple, Stavros Gatanaros, Debbie Lantry and Jessica Ader (left to right).


As a gesture of appreciation, the newly appointed Chairman, Dr. Lori Graham-Brady, and the host, Dr. Dalrymple, presented Dr. Schafer with a small gift  and a certificate.


Ben Schafer, Lori Graham-Brady, Tony Dalrymple, Somnath Ghosh and Tak Igusa. (left to right)
Dr. Schafer successfully held the position as Chairman for 6 years and will now enjoy his 1 year sabbatical. The luncheon also celebrates the appointment of Dr. Lori Graham-Brady as the new Chairman and welcomes a new faculty member, Dr. Stavros Gaitanaros to the department. Both Drs. Schafer and Graham-Brady are associated with CISMMS.